Vocalise No. 12a (Melba) - High & Medium/Low Voice - AMEB Singing Grade 3 - PIANO & MELODY PARTS-Piano accompaniment recordings-Peta's Piano

Vocalise No. 12a (Melba) - High & Medium/Low Voice - AMEB Singing Grade 3 - PIANO & MELODY PARTS

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Piano Accompaniment Recordings & Melody Parts

Want to sing with greater confidence and give a performance you're proud of?

Take the guesswork out of learning to sing Melba's 'Vocalise No. 12a' (Technical Work No. 1) (from the AMEB Singing Grade 3 bookwith these high-quality piano accompaniment recordings and additional melody parts, performed by professional Australian accompanist Peta van Drempt.

Choose the key that best suits your voice: all voice types (high, medium and low) are included in this pack.

Listen or sing along with the piano accompaniment track, solo melody part, or the piano + melody track. (Note: Melody parts are intended as a guide only and as such have been made using a clarinet sound. This helps students learn the melodic line while leaving ample room for their own vocal interpretation.)

Who knew? Learning to sing with the accompaniment doesn't have to be hard after all!



9 high-quality tracks, including piano accompaniment, solo melody and a piano + melody track for each key: C major (high voice), A major (medium voice) and Ab major (low voice).

Piano accompaniment

Melody line

Piano + melody



Just want the piano accompaniments but not the extra melody parts? Click here.


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    Sheet music source: AMEB Singing (Series 2) 3rd Grade Books - High Voice & Medium/Low Voice..