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AMEB Viola Prelim. to Grade 6


FREE AMEB Viola Recorded Accompaniments




What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor (Trad, arr. Chin) - Preliminary

Rebecca (Mackay) - Grade 1

Rondo (Purcell, arr. Chin) - Grade 2

Siciliano & Allegro Assai (Küchler) - Grade 3

Swing & Swang (Bailey) - Grade 4

Whaur Gadie Rins (Trad, arr. Forbes & Richardson) - Grade 5

Montagues & Capulets (Prokofiev, arr. Chin) - Grade 6



  • Better exam results! Students will be better prepared come performance day and be more able to give a show they're truly proud of
  • Fun! Students will love listening and playing along with these high-quality recordings by professional Australian accompanist Peta Muir
  • Practise at your own pace! Slower rehearsal tracks included
  • Less stress! Performance prep is easier, requires less guess-work and saves on expensive extra accompanist rehearsals
  • Lessons more effective! Spend less time on the basics like counting and entries and more on crafting a beautiful performance


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All recordings proudly and independently produced by Peta's Piano