The Peta's Piano Story

Peta van Drempt - Founder of Peta's Piano and head recording artistPeta's Piano began in my (Peta's) home studio back in February 2015. As a professional accompanist, I had been making recordings for soloists for years during rehearsals. They would take them home to practice with and then rave about the difference it made to their performance preparation. Our rehearsals together became so much more productive and satisfying because we were freed up to focus on the higher-level performance stuff, rather than the basics of counting rhythms, figuring out entries, etc.

There was so much demand for the recordings that I decided it was time to start sharing them with the rest of the world. Being a stay-at-home mum with two very energetic little boys, spare time was scarce but I took what moments I could to chip away at building my online catalogue, starting with pieces that teachers and students had been asking for.

My dream for the website was to make it a one-stop-shop for quality piano accompaniment recordings for any instrument or genre, making piano accompaniment accessible to anyone regardless of skill level, musical interests or financial situation.

But at this rate, working by myself, it would take me many, many years to build the kind of comprehensive catalogue I wanted to offer. *sigh*

So, I started to ponder how to make it happen. I’d need to find other artists to join me, and I’d have to figure out the whole ‘employing people’ thing. Yikes! I’d always worked for myself, by myself, and there was a strange comfort in that, a beautiful simplicity. But the dream of making something bigger and more exciting than I’d ever be able do by myself gave me the courage to try something new.

So this year, 2017, I am working on the first step in making my dream become reality. My first project is to make the first ever comprehensive catalogue of piano accompaniment recordings, starting with violin repertoire (after this, I’m planning to do the same for other instruments).

Violinists from all over the world have told us what repertoire they'd like and we're now working on recording the first part of the violin catalogue. I'm still recording pieces in my home studio, and we also have some other fantastic concert artists busy working on our violin and piano premium learning packages at Underwood Studio, a state-of-the-art recording studio in Australia's Blue Mountains.

I’m excited to help revolutionise how musicians learn to play with accompaniment, putting tools in teachers hands that make their lives easier, and empowering students to really own their personal journey through music.

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