Starting out

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Starting Out


Starting something can be scary. Exhilarating. Disconcerting. Breathtaking. Enlivening. Paralysing.

I wanted to start a blog for my website, Peta’s Piano, but had no idea what to write. What would people want to read? What do I know or care enough about to put into words?

Months passed by and I kept making recordings, planning and building the catalogue, and in the process I was struck with a potential idea for the website's subtitle: ‘Accompanying you on your musical journey.’ Then things started falling into place. I make piano accompaniment recordings because I want to join people in their pursuit of a satisfying musical life. I also accompany people in real life because I enjoy helping them reach heights they never knew they could. But that subtitle made me realise that I too have a musical journey of my own.

I always used to look to some larger goal – the next music exam I was preparing for, the next piano competition, the next singer-songwriter gig, finally finishing school, the day I would release my first album, getting my aerobatic pilot’s licence (still waiting for those last two). I dreamed of all these things I would one day do. The things that would mean I had succeeded.

But the whole time I frequently forgot that music was with me right now. That I could drop into it whenever I pleased, take a sojourn in my mind, improvise at the piano, jam with friends playing cover songs, sing exuberant tunes at the top of my lungs around the house (annoying my family no end – but I couldn’t help it!). That those were the precious moments, the real meat of my musical existence. The rest, the achievements were just the external signs of the real journey that had been going on underneath.

Sometimes I despair, thinking that there are so many people more qualified, decorated, famous than me when it comes to music. And maybe there are.

But that stuff is all just on the surface. Underneath, each one of us is taking our own unique journey through life, and through music, the two often inextricably intertwined. I have my own story. You have yours. And we cross paths with all sorts of others along the way.

Through this blog I hope to explore and share with you my own musical journey and that of Peta's Piano - where I’ve been, where I’m heading for, and where I am right now. How about you – what has your musical journey looked like so for? Where are you right now? Where do you want to go?

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