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Let's make some music together!

Let's Make Some Music!


I'm working on a fun little project to get some violinists all over the world making music together and I'd love your help! I've recorded a cover version of Lindsey Stirling's 'Something Wild' song (me playing piano and singing), and I need people to play the violin part :) Will you join me?

I'd love to include as many people as possible - students, teachers, professional performers, entire classrooms - really anyone who can play the violin!

You can download the audio track to play along with at the link above and use it to make your recording. When you record, please use headphones to hear the accompaniment, so the only sound that gets recorded on your end is your violin sound, otherwise the sound gets too muddy.

The video/audio quality doesn't need to be amazing, just on your smartphone is fine. And if you feel like your technique isn't up to playing the whole thing, that's fine - just send in the parts you can play (and indicate which part of the song they're from) - we still want to include you. And feel free to play it your way - improvise, do handstands, stand completely still - however you want to play it is great!

You can either send me your video directly to peta@petaspiano.com or upload it to YouTube and email me the link. Make sure you send it to me by Sat 22nd April so I can put them all together before we go launch on Kickstarter. (And of course, if you are submitting a video that includes children, make sure you have the permission of their parents :)

I'll compile all the footage at the end, making sure as many people get featured in the video as possible. I'll post the finished song on social media (and send you a link via email if you like) around the time our Kickstarter campaign launches on the 26th of April. Yay!

If you need it you can get the sheet music here for a few bucks (the original Bb major version). The YouTube clip that I based the cover version on is this one.

Let your friends know by clicking on the Share button below. The more the merrier :)

Go for it, guys! Looking forward to seeing your videos!



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